Positive Path – Yon takes advantage of MU opportunities

Positive Path – Yon takes advantage of MU opportunities

Football student-athlete, Spartan student ambassador, sports information student staff member and business management and sport management double major.

Daunting task right?

Manchester University rising senior Zane Yon (Greencastle, Ind.) said it's possible for that lifestyle and being successful as a college student.

"Prioritization is important," he noted. "The phrase 'Nothing in life worth doing is easy' is applicable. I've had to schedule things out each day, week and so on. Time is everything, so I've had to use mine intentionally (to stay focused)."

Yon's formula has worked in spades. The Spartans' 2018 National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete of The Year nominee is one of the program's top students grade-point average wise and has been able to make connections with individuals in each step of his collegiate experience that could lead to strong career results.

"To me, it's important to stay connected (in college)," he admitted. "In each of my campus jobs, being able to do so has given me such an appreciation (of postgraduate opportunities). I've met so many types of people who have contributed to my Manchester University experience in a positive manner."

The Greencastle, Ind., native's grounded approach to his student-athlete life comes naturally. He's lived in the same house his entire life due to the successful careers of his parents at the Walmart Distribution Center, enabling a stable look at the world. His zest for the written word has also allowed him insights into other sports-minded pluses.

"I do a lot of reading but especially in regards to baseball," Yon said. "Baseball and football have been similar passions of mine (for as long as I can remember). While I could never really play baseball, I like the concept … the statistics, the set-up with the minor leagues, all of the information you can get.

"As for football, I've been playing it since third grade," he added. "I'm hoping to wind up my collegiate career on a high note after sitting out much of last year due to a torn ACL. It's kind of like the scheduling I have to do as a student … training five to six days a week, running routes, catching passes, studying the playbook. I want to make sure my knee and my entire person is ready for this season to enable me to contribute."

Similar thoughts were taken out of a "life playbook" of a close friend and 2017 NFF Scholar-Athlete nominee Eric Beard.

"[Eric] has been such a big help [to my collegiate career]," Yon said. "He took me under his wing when I first arrived [on campus] and showed me some study tips, the right way to handle being a football athlete and student and on down the line."

"I'd tell any perspective or current [student-athlete] the same things," he added. "There are so many opportunities for success [at Manchester University]. If you use avenues like tutoring, the success center, and time management, you can have a busy schedule and be successful."

Thoughts of a real scholar athlete … a mantra Zane Yon carries every day.