Manchester University M Club

M Club Tradition

A recurrent theme of Otho Winger, president of Manchester University from 1911-41, was that a complete education emphasized body, mind and soul. Therefore it comes as no surprise that intercollegiate sports at Manchester started during the Winger administration.

M Club's start is traced to April 3, 1921, when the Varsity M Club met for the first time. The group was open to both men and women who had won an M letter in intercollegiate sports or debate. 

On Dec. 16, 1927, the athletic and forensic teams representing Manchester University were christened "Spartans," a name chosen because of the elements of team, concentration, cooperation, and sacrifice that were dominant among the early Spartans.

When the M Club was renewed in 1955 (after a period with a limited athletic program during WWII), membership was now for all who participated in varsity athletics. The stated purposes were to uphold the principles set forth in the Spartan Code: to assist in the care of athletic facilities; to support all sanctioned college activities by officiating, etc.; to endeavor to give every student opportunity to participate in the athletic program; and to encourage a strong school spirit in all school activities.

Alumni and former athletes continue to to support MU athletics through the M Club in a number of ways.