In 1994, the Manchester University Athletic Hall of Fame was established by the Department of Athletics in conjunction with the M Club. The Hall of Fame was created to recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the prestige of Manchester University both on and off the field of competition.

The inductees have brought much distinction and honor to Manchester and have maintained the University’s tradition of faith, learning, and service. From the inception of intercollegiate athletics at Manchester University to the present, the honorees have exemplified the true spirit of athletic competition.

2019 Athletics Hall of Fame/Claude Wolfe Coach of the Year release

The Hall of Fame committee is still looking for nominations of qualified individuals that meet Hall of Fame status either as a student-athlete, coach or contributor.  Members must be five years out of their sport to be eligible for nomination. Submit a nomination form online.

Manchester University Athletic Hall of Fame

Induction Year Name Sport(s) Played
2019 Molly Sanders Kurtz Cross Country, Track & Field
2019 Jamie Salazar Wrestling
2019 Kelley Meiklejohn Women's Basketball
2019 Chad Berry Men's Basketball
2018 1962 men's cross country team Cross Country
2018 Jaime Wilson Meyer '00 Women's Basketball
2018 Brandon Tugmon '06 Football
2018 Jack Jarrett Coach
2018 Brandon Baker '98 Football, Baseball
2017 1993 Women's Track and Field Track and Field
2017 Colleen Kay Women's Soccer
2017 Mark Conrad Football
2017 Fabian Chavez Wrestling
2017 Don Butts Men's Basketball
2017 Kailey (Honn) Leemkuil Women's Basketball/Women's Track and Field
2016 1970-71 Women's Basketball Women's Basketball
2016 Matt Sollenberger Baseball
2016 Martha Judge Coach/Administrator
2016 Tony Brescol Wrestling
2016 Charlie Beck 1936-39 men's basketball teams Men's Basketball
2016 Sarah (Conwell) Hammond Women's Basketball/Women's Tennis
2015 Todd Saylor Football
2015 Todd Saunders Football
2015 Joe Phillips Men's Basketball
2015 Donna (Shively) Moudy Track and Field
2015 Heather (Harshman) Turk Track and Field
2014 Brad Knoy Men's Basketball
2014 Kyle Hupfer Men's Basketball
2014 Kevin Buchanan Football
2014 2004 baseball team Baseball
2014 Missy (King) Jensen Women's Soccer
2014 Donna (Hoover) Hedstrom Women's Basketball
2013 Tom Miller Baseball, Basketball, Football
2013 Dennis Bilinski Baseball
2013 Lana (Lawver) Groombridge Coach, Administrator
2013 Michelle (Brewer) Cheatem Track and Field
2012 Rick Mann Football
2012 Mike Kock Basketball
2012 Tom Jarman Coach, Special
2012 Cynthia Jackson Norton Volleyball, Track and Field
2012 Marc Calixte Soccer
2011 Pam Shively Basketball
2011 Mark Overly Soccer
2011 Steve Nadolny Baseball
2011 Ron Hoffer Basketball, Track and Field, Football
2011 Bob Gaier Wrestling, Golf
2010 Jan Smaltz Yandell Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Track and Field
2010 Ann Lawver Women's Basketball, Volleyball
2010 Jim Jenkins Baseball
2010 Jill Corey Christner Basketball, Softball
2010 Jim Andrews Football
2009 Patrick Hodges Football, Track and Field
2009 Jim Easton Basketball, Football
2009 Trina Chapman-Smith Track and Field, Cross Country
2008 Bill Robinson Special
2008 Burt Paddock Basketball
2008 Brenna Metzger Tennis
2008 Dominic Grasso Football
2008 Clint Gard Wrestling
2007 Stan Weller Basketball, Coach
2007 Leanne Lake Basketball, Softball
2007 Becky Kreps Cross Country, Track and Field
2007 Trey Holcomb Football
2007 Josh Hardman Wrestling, Football Track and Field
2006 Nancy Sherrick Softball, Volleyball
2006 Bob Scheer Football, Special
2006 Nick Primozic Wrestling
2006 Nelson T. Potter Baseball
2006 Deann Booth Basketball, Softball
2005 Anne Wiggin Track and Field
2005 Robin Wiggin Track and Field, Basketball
2005 Dick Sellers Cross Country, Track and Field
2005 Mike Jarvis Special
2005 Steve Hazelwood Football, Wrestling
2004 George McKinney Football, Basketball
2004 Carolyn McGuire Basketball
2004 Larry Martin Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis
2004 Til and Dortha King Special
2003 Jerry Walther Basketball, Track and Field
2003 Jeff Niespodziany Cross Country, Track and Field
2003 Alan Howenstine Men's Basketball
2003 1968 football team Football
2003 Wendell Beck Basketball
2002 Amy Petersime-Floria Track and Field
2002 Ken Metzger Special
2002 Don Meek Coach
2002 Bill Goshert Football, Basketball, Baseball
2002 Victor Benalcazar Wrestling, Soccer
2000 1994-95 men's basketball team Men's Basketball
2000 Steve Alford Coach
1999 Bryan Richardson Track and Field
1999 Brenda Ramsey Cross Country, Track and Field
1999 Karl Merritt Coach, Special
1999 1971 men's golf team Men's Golf
1999 Paul "PW" Burton Football, Special
1998 Bedelia Weirick Coach
1998 Sam Schlemmer Football
1998 Meg McElroy Schnieders Cross Country, Track and Field
1998 1938 football team Football
1997 Nancy "Grace" Warner Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Tennis
1997 Michael Stine Cross Country, Track and Field
1997 Bill Milliner Football, Basketball
1997 Eddie Consolo Football
1997 Young Choi Soccer
1996 John Warwick Basketball
1996 Paul Reed Soccer
1996 Onita Johnson Coach
1996 Dan Hoffman Football, Track and Field
1996 James Gratz Coach
1995 Penny Ruppert Track and Field, Cross Country
1995 John R. "Johnny" Piper Basketball, Football
1995 Melissa Miller Basketball, Softball
1995 Kirby Herschberger Cross Country, Track and Field
1995 Robin Gratz Track and Field, Football
1995 Lorin "Snow" Evans Football, Baseball, Basketball
1994 Linda "ZB" Zumbrun Basketball, Volleyball
1994 Claude Wolfe Coach, Special
1994 Dan "Hawk" Taylor Football
1994 Robert M. Stauffer Coach, Special
1994 Donald "Hank" Lieberum Football
1994 Paul "Jake" Hoffman Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Baseball
1994 Richard "Dick" Harris Basketball
1994 Carl W. Burt Coach, Special
1994 Freddie Bullock Football, Track and Field
1994 Herbert "Herb" Banet Baseball, Basketball, Football